Reasons to Leave the a 9 To 5 And Start Creating An Income Online

The Sad Truth

Okay, let’s be real. It is a sad truth that most individuals do not love their jobs. Most 9 to 5 er’s look at the clock at about 5:00 on a Sunday evening and get those Sunday night blues. You start getting the knots in the stomach and the anxiety starts to rise about what’s to come in the week ahead. You try to tell yourself it’s going to be fine and you start preparing for the motivational speech that is going to go on in your head. You want it to be o.k., you want it to all work out because you are doing this job for a noble cause, to support your family. You want a better life for your family than the one you had.

It is hard enough to get yourself motivated to get up early and commute an hour or more to your job just to be in a place where you feel undervalued and just another cog in a wheel. But, if you have children and you are trying to motivate them to get up and do the best they can at school and reach their dreams, well, that is a whole new level of motivation.

You see, how can you tell your kids to go for it, and live their dreams if you are not living yours? All they see is you struggling with the billls trying to make ends meet and getting frustrated at them when they remind you of the time you are not spending with them. Does any of this resonate with you?

We all want the best for our families and we think a larger income will provide that. We believe the larger income will make up for us not being there to nurture the relationships of the family. All to often, we place money above true personal and spiritual connection.

It is understandable that we think we have to spend hours a day working hard to provide for our family because that has been the message we have been receiveing sense we have been children. Trade all your time for money. Work hard and get a pay check. Save for retirement so you have pennies to live on until we move on from this world of suffering and heartache.

A Different Way To Live Your Life

Well, What if I told you there is a better way to create an income, to raise your family and live your life? What if Itold you about passive income and how to create for yourself.

Women working from home on her laptop
Woman working from hone

These days things can be different because these days the world is different. The world is changing so rapidly it is hard to keep up. Technology has allowed the doors of freedom to be opened. Yes, there is a lot of discussion about technology and wether or not it is a positive or negative in our world today but you cannot argue about the potential of the internet and its capabilities to reach billions of people.

Technological advancements, have allowed us the capbility to accomplish practically anything online. More than 3 billion people use the internet a month these days to purchase good and services. That is incredible considering that just a few years ago people were unsure about using the internet to purchase anything for fear of it.

This massive growth has been unlike anything the world has ever seen, yet, most people are blind to how they can leverage the internet to create a sustainable income from their home and laptop. It has been so engrained in us that we have to struggle that we can’t see another way.

Another reason that people haven’t taken adavantage of the internet is because many of us have no idea where to start and they feel that there is too much risk involved. I ask, what do you risk by not opening up to all the possibilities that an online business has to offer?

So, let’s take some time now to explore the benefits and realities of an online business.

Among the benefits is flexibility, you can work where you want as long as you have a laptop and interenet. Online is open 24 hours so you have the potential to make money while you sleep. No more having to clock in and out of an office building or factory filled with people you don’t want to be around working for a company who’s values don’t line up with yours.

Remeber that passive income I was talking about, well let me explain what that is. Passive income is a relatively new term and it is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis requiring minimal to no on going effort by the recipient to maintain it. Meaning one post can cirrculate for months bringing you income.

Tons of Options

There are many options to choose from with an online business. You can decide to sell your custom made products, be an affiliate marketer or resell someone else’s products. The internet is filled with goods and services that need to be bought and sold and you can make an income by just pointing people towards a goods or service that you like. This is called affiliate marketing. There are no limits on how many products you can promote, you are your own boss.

Online marketing skills
Learning the necessary skill of online marketing

When working from home you have nearly no cost associated with commuting and eating out is no longer an escape from the office. You can cook your own healthier food and enjoy it at less cost.

Your work hours are scheduled around the other priorities in your family’s life. If you need to take someone to the doctor or to softball practice or an after school function you can do it without the guilt and anxiety of having to ask for permission.

So, what’s the catch you ask? What’s secret behind a successful online business? Let’s be clear, it is not a get rich scheme, I mean their are plenty of those out there, but if you are looking for a genuine way to make a sustainable income with long term profits and passive income then there is definitely a lot to learn.

Learning about and creating and online business is not difficult and certainly does not take the start up cost or time of a traditional business. Like any business it does take a decision a commitment and a success mind set. Here are a few other things needed to succeed if you are going to be a digital entrepreneur.

Man enjoying Mountain View
Man enjoying a clear view

Having A Clear Vision

Be clear on what you want to achieve. Understand what it is that your really want from your online business and then know what route to take. It is important to set out a game plan on how you are going to achieve this.


In any business, you have to have capitol. A certain amount you are going to invest in your business and in yourself. By investing I am talking about education, technology, marketing etc.


After creating a comprehensive and effective website for your business, it is time to embark on getting people to know more about you and your products. You want them to love you. You want to drive traffic to your site.

Recognizing the need for online marketing strategies is crucial and involves sharing of videos, blogs and other social media materials that are not precisely aimed at promoting your brand but instead, aims at stimulating people’s interest on your products and services.


This is a very important part the can determine success or failure. Anyone embarking on a journey is going to go through peaks and valleys. It is very important to have a supportive community around you that are creating a new way of life for themselves. People need people to help them along the way and it saves allot of time when you do not have to re-create the wheel when it comes to doing something somebody else has already had success with.

Receiving the correct education and guidance regarding the online world is invaluable and paramount to long term growth and success of your business. Being taught and guided through a proven system that allows you to earn as you learn is what was offered to me and the only reason I have survived and quite honestly thrived. My mentors have a track-record of creating multi-million dollar online businesses and have spent both time and money into an online educational program that serves the new online entrepreneur.

I have a true passion to show other people a new way of life that is far less tumultuous than our current status quo. I have this passion because I have seen first hand how possible it is to create a rich rewarding lifestyle and I think everyone deserves that.

Woman in pool with flower in hair
Enjoying life poolside


Annie Mochrie

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